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We are UCLA graduates reaching out to all Bruin alumni who are ready to take a stand against the erosion of free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity on our nation’s campuses; alumni who are dismayed at shout-down protests and violence against speech deemed offensive, faculty disciplined for pedagogical speech that challenges students’ political or cultural beliefs, and a campus culture that intimidates students into silence on controversial topics.

This is a call to alumni with any political views

  • who are united by the vision of UCLA as a safe haven for the free expression of those views

  • who recognize that discomfort and even alarm from exposure to views inimical to one’s own cherished values is an essential part of an education

  • who acknowledge that when offense alone is allowed to strike the right to free speech, there is no meaningful right to free speech.

If you want to stand with us or just learn more, contact us at



1. Adopt the Chicago Statement to protect the free expression rights of every member of the campus community

2. Institute free speech freshman orientation program to train incoming students on the importance of discourse

3. Rise in FIRE's College Free Speech Rankings to the #1 college in California

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